Our District

The Central Victorian District is part of Area B. It consists of 11 groups, 5 in Bendigo, 1 in Kangaroo Flat, 1 in Eaglehawk and 4 in Castlemaine. There are 12 meetings available per week in the Central Victorian District for people to attend. If you have a desire to stop drinking or would just like to find out more about Alcoholics Anonymous first hand, you are welcome to attend these meetings.

Our Commitment is to carry the AA message to the suffering alcoholic through service.

Our services include;
- District meetings list
- District phone
- Phone listings
- District weekend
- 12 step call list
- Website
Public information
Pamphlet drops
Poster displays
Liase with institutions
Speaking engagements

What is a District Meeting?
This is a meeting of the General Service Representitives from the groups in the District. The meeting is held to share experience, discuss public information, internal procedures, problems etc, so that Groups know what each other is doing. There is so much to be done in AA that we cannot afford duplication of effort, and neither can we afford Groups to go separate ways - unity is an essential feature of all our operations. It is therefore an important function of the GSR to report back to the Group all that takes place at the District meeting.

"Reprinted from (AA Guidelines, GUIDELINE NO. G05), with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc."